Cuban Customs Warns Tourists and Nationals on Gifts and Packages

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban Customs office issued a statement today (in Spanish) warning travelers to the island of a crackdown on the carrying of packages for third parties. The measure especially affects Cuban-Americans who routinely carry parcels from friends and neighbors when traveling to the island.

Customs informs that passengers are not authorized to carry with them any entrusted parcels for other persons or legal entities. Violating the regulation can lead to fines or criminal charges, notes the authorities.

The office warns that “parcels can be used to transport and conceal substances and materials used in terrorism, drug-trafficking and the contraband of merchandise that could endanger security, human health, and the environment.”

It further states that the full responsibility for the contents of the packages rests on the passenger.

For more information the Cuban Customs invites you to visit their website ( or phone 883-8282 and 881-9732 (both in Havana) 287827 (in the city of Matanzas) 513965 Ext. 119 (in the city of Cienfuegos) 225041 (in the city of Villa Clara) 223613 Ext. 120 (in the city of Ciego de Ávila) 211809; 211303; 211504 Ext. 113, or 211449 (in the city of Camagüey) 481801; 468594 Ext. 110 (in the city of Holguín) 652892; 628991 Ext. 124 (in the city of Santiago de Cuba).

4 thoughts on “Cuban Customs Warns Tourists and Nationals on Gifts and Packages

  • Stupid because the Castros know that absent a legal mechanism which allows regular Cubans to import goods privately, this “mule” system remains the best option for consumer items. Cruel because anyone who knows how Cuba works also knows that the Castro elite will continue to be able to bring in whatever they want in whatever quantity they want while the regular Cuban who wants a new TV or a Miami Heat T-shirt will now likely have to find another way to meet his needs. Just about EVERY other country allows its citizens the capacity to establish private import/export businesses. The warnings you hear in airports is to protect airplanes from explosive devices and has nothing to do with bringing clothes or electronics for a friend or neighbor.

  • Not sure how it is stupid and cruel when EVERY country in the world does the same thing…or have you never listened to the warnings over the airport loudspeakers?

  • Somehow I think the warning is more directed at the “mules” that travel between the US and Cuba than the tourist taken over some gifts for Cuban friends.

  • One step forward, two steps back. The Castros allow Cubans to travel more freely but then impose this ridiculous regulation in order to restrict returning Cubans from bringing packages back to Cuba for other Cubans. Stupid and cruel.

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