Cuban Doctor and Family Disappear in Panama

HAVANA TIMES — Panamanian authorities are investigating the disappearance of a Cuban couple linked to the US Embassy in Panama, as well as their two children, reported a police source on Wednesday in that country.

According to a report from Reuters, the disappearance of Nivaldo Linares Perez, 47, his wife Saily Alvarez Diaz, 45, and her two children, was also publicly confirmed by the US Embassy.

The Public Ministry along with the Department of Judicial Investigation of the Panamanian National Police have been conducting an investigation since last week, when the disappearance were reported to the authorities, the police source said without giving further details.

The Panamanian newspaper La Estrella reported that the family left Cuba in 2003 and that Linares is an epidemiologist who works for the US Center for Disease Control in an office attached to the embassy of that country.