Cuban Doctor Begins Hunger Strike

Jeovany Vega Jimenez

HAVANA TIMES, March 7 — Cuban doctor Jeovany Vega Jimenez said on Monday that he is beginning a hunger strike to demand the repeal of ministerial resolutions that have prevented him from exercising his profession since 2006, reported the Cubaencuentro website.

The doctor made public his work situation and that of Rodolfo Martinez Vigoa on the blog Ciudadano Cero, and delivered a document to the Cuban Public Health Ministry warning that he will remain on his hunger strike to the death if authorities do not comply with his demands.

According to the statement, the Cuban authorities banned Jimenez Vega and Martinez Vigoa from practicing their professions after the two lodged a formal protest with the Ministry of Health demanding better pay.

One thought on “Cuban Doctor Begins Hunger Strike

  • I just read about this young doctor’s case on his blog and I must say it appears what happened to him was a big injustice that could and should be addressed. If he is forced to put his life in danger to be heard he will no doubt be accused of being a mercenary agent of imperialism. I hope it doesn’t have to come to that. I think the overall treatment of Cuban doctors is a subject that merits some rethinking.

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