Cuban Five Member Writes from USA

Rene Gonzalez. Photo: Bill Hackwell

HAVANA TIMES, April 18 — In a letter sent from the US to the people of the island, Cuban Five member Rene Gonzalez gave his thanks for the expressions of affection and solidarity he received during his 15-day stay on the island, reported the Prensa Latina news agency news agency.

“Upon my return to the world of the absurd, I am ready to continue with this long battle until we receive justice,” said Gonzalez, who traveled to Cuba to visit his seriously ill brother. He had obtained authorization from Judge Joan Lenard, who is overseeing the case of the Cuban Five.

Rene Gonzalez, along with four other Cuban intelligence officers, was convicted of providing information about plans to commit violent actions against Cuba by terrorist groups in the US. He is currently serving three years of probation after having spent 13 years in prison.

The other four of the Cuban Five remain in federal prisons.