Cuban Five Prisoners to be Resentenced

HAVANA TIMES, October 11 – Three of the Cuban Five will be re-sentenced in the near future with the first being Antonio Guerrero on the morning of Tuesday October 13.  The Cubans, accused of conspiring to commit espionage, have already been imprisoned for over 11 years in the US.

The case has drawn the attention of human rights, juridical and solidarity groups from around the world for the numerous irregularities they believe took place during the detention and trial of the Cubans, considered national heroes back home.

Fernando Gonzalez and Ramon Labañino are the other Cuban Five prisoners to be re-sentenced by Judge Joan Lenard at a Federal Court in Miami, the same judge and venue of their politically-charged trial nearly a decade ago.

Guerrero and Labañino were sentenced to life imprisonment and Gonzalez to l9 years.

Cuba claims the Cuban Five’s mission in the US was to monitor the activities of Cuban exile terrorist groups based in Miami, known for their numerous acts of violence that include plane and hotel bombings.

For complete information on the case we recommend Cuban Five: Wrong Guys in Jail.