Cuban Gov. Lambasts Almagro’s Open Door to Military Intervention in Venezuela

OAS secretary general Luis Almagro (c) in Cucuta, Columbia. Photo: AFP

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government said today that the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, crossed “the red line” by stating that a military intervention against the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro is not ruled out, reported dpa news.

“This character’s destabilizing tactics must be stopped and denounced before international organizations,” said an article Monday in the official newspaper “Granma” that occupies half of the front page.

The daily of the ruling Communist Party, the only legal political organization in Cuba, states that Almagro “has led all kinds of provocations and has openly called for a military intervention against Caracas.”

Last week during a press conference in Colombia, the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS) said that military intervention against the government of Nicolas Maduro should not be ruled out. He blamed Maduro for causing a humanitarian and migratory crisis in the region.

“Even more worrisome are the arguments of ‘democracy’ and ‘humanitarian crisis’, which recall the terms used by the US rulers to invade countries, bomb cities, destabilize governments and massacre people,” said the newspaper “Granma”.

“Besides playing the role of buffoon of the US administrations, he [Almagro] has gone all out in the Yankee plan to divide the community of Latin American and Caribbean nations,” stated the editorial.   

The relations of the Cuban Government with Almagro, which they describe as “Minister of Colonies” for his position in the OAS, are more than tense and on two occasions the authorities of Havana denied Almagro entry into the country, in 2017 and 2018 , when he hoped to attend events organized by dissidents in Havana.

Meanwhile, also on Monday, the Nicaraguan government of Daniel Ortega, a close ally of Maduro and Cuba’s Diaz Canel, called for the resignation of Almagro, accusing him of “violating the Interamerican Democratic Charter”, and for being “a threat to international peace and security,” noted dpa news.

Vice president Rosario Murillo said Almagro is not fit to continue leading the OAS after his recent statements against the governments of Nicaragua and Venezuela, calling them “dictatorships,” and not ruling out a military intervention in the South American country.