Cuban Gov. Laments Suspension of Charter Flights from “the Enemy”

In October the Trump administration anounced the prohibition on regular commercial flights to Cuban destinations except Havana. Now charter flights are included in the same sanctions. Photo: Ismael Francisco/ Cubadebate

HAVANA TIMES – The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, expressed his rejection Saturday of the suspension by the United States of all flights that leave the country to Cuba, except those that go to Havana, for “violating Human Rights”, Europa Press reported.

While in Cuba the topic of human rights is considered playing to the enemy, when it affects the government’s revenue its seen in a different light.

“Cuba rejects the new ban on charter flights imposed by the United States. The escalation of sanctions that violate the human rights of Cubans and US citizens continues,” the president said in his Twitter account.

This decision was taken on Friday in the framework of the sanctions that the United States is taking against the Caribbean island over the internal repression and its “inadmissible” support for the government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

“Today, at my request, the Department of Transportation has suspended until further notice all public charter flights between the United States and Cuban destinations other than the José Martí International Airport in Havana,” announced the US secretary of state. Mike Pompeo.

Pompeo noted that the new restrictions would affect “the ability of the Cuban regime to obtain income, which it uses to finance the current repression against the Cuban people and for its inadmissible support for the dictator Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.”

Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, also rejected the decision of the United States to ban these flights and said that it was “a serious violation of Human Rights and freedom of travel”, in addition he alerted that it “hinders family reunification.”

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8 thoughts on “Cuban Gov. Laments Suspension of Charter Flights from “the Enemy”

  • The very idea that this policy punishes the Cuban government is ludicrous. Ultimately, the most affected are the Cuban people, since government revenues are funneled into social programs, namely, health care and education. Basic survival needs (food, shelter) are scarce enough for many Cubans. US policy is an archaic grudge the US has held since the expulsion of the US controlled Battista government. If not for the gross system the US pushed upon Cuba for years, Cuba would be a thriving country, with a wonderful, thankful population of people. Quit bullying Cuba and let it sink or swim under its own steam. My beliefs are that Cuba will thrive.

  • The idea is to funnel passenger money away from commercial air carries toward private hyphenated miami air transport businesses; a win for right wingers in miami and their relatives in Havana.

  • I do understand the United States has problem with having Cuba 90 miles away and not in harmony with their policies. However as a long time visitor to cuba I must say that there has to be a better way to effect change because current US policies positive feeling affecting average everyday Cubans more than the government. Ultimately the US has to be honest and admit that the sanctions are as much against the cuban people as they are the Cuban government. Possibly the United States understands that the Cuban people support their government so the ?? does not have a problem punishing them along with the Cuban government.

  • If this is a serious violation of Human Rights, freedom of travel, and family reunification. I believe the Cuban Government is the first one to violate all the above. If it’s about freedom let’s talk about why the government arrest the people when they consume BEEF, also the wages is below of standard living, all the store has a currency of CUC and the government pays in pesos, once the Cuban exchange the peso to CUC it leave them with $ 20.00CUC. Can any body in the world live with $ 20.00 a month’s?

  • Trump wants to grow up. The Cubans are very resourceful and I admire all of them. After living in cuba for many years the system works. Trump’s racist strain all around the world is tiresome. From the revolution to present day , Cubans have strived through good and bad and survived. There medics around the world with there amazing techniques and gifts exceed them. They are survivors and will rise above trump, who causes nothing but disorder and heartache all over the world. The americans should open there eyes and have change and look to the future. We are all tired of the trumps foolish behaviour.

  • Dias Canel is NOT President he was elected by Raul Castro, Trump 2020.

  • Trump Administration policy has been distorted by the ideology of hard-line Cuban Americans like Senator Marco Rubio and Mauricio Claver-Carone, the former lobbyist and PAC director who was appointed by John Bolton to head Western Hemisphere Affairs at the National Security Council.

    Ending charter air service to regional Cuban airports has no real effect on government revenues. It only shifts the receipts to Havana. In fact it generates more revenue for the State in payment for domestic air, bus and taxi transfers to the provinces.

    However, it does create hardship for Americans of Cuban origin who want to visit their family.

    Presumably they are being punished for their betrayal of the cause of exile politics.

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