Cuban MDs Decide to Stay in Chile

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 19 – Two doctors and one technician from Cuba decided to leave the medical contingent they were part of and stay in the South American country, reported the Association of Solidarity with Cuba.

The brigade of doctors and health technicians began arriving in March after Cuba reponded to the call to aid the victims of the February 27, 2010 earthquake and has cared for more than 80,000 persons, reported IPS.

The Cuban brigade includes 65 doctors and health technicians, reported

Cuba, like many underdeveloped nations, loses a number of professionals and athletes each year.  Many emigrate in search of  improving their economic situation or for family or emotional reasons.  Some leave legally while others take the illegal route.

Ansalatina said the three are doctors Argelio Santana and Joel Hernández de León and technician Orlando Campusano.

The Cuban ambassador to Chile, Ileana Diaz-Arguelles, said “What’s important is to highlight the results of the brigade.  Those who have decided to not return home made a personal decision.  What’s important is that the majority are returning,” reported Ansalatina.

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One thought on “Cuban MDs Decide to Stay in Chile

  • Curious. Why is it news that 3 of 70 dedicated buy lowly paid workers were induced to stay where they might make a lot more money and certainly would be richly rewarded by anti-Cuban and pro capitalist health care forces just salivating over the success of their well funded campaign to draw away these missionaries of socialized medicine. Why not balance this article with a little piece about the US campaign to buy off these graduates of Cuba’s free health care system?

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