Cuban Medication for Diabetic Foot Heading to the US

The Cuban made product to prevent foot amputation.


HAVANA TIMES – Cuban and US companies have signed an agreement to apply the Cuban product Heberprot-P in the United States, which reduces the risk of amputation due to diabetic foot ulcers, local media reported on Thursday.

The agreement was signed by Heber Biotec (Cuba), of the BioCubaFarma Group, and the US company Mercurio Biotec, although it is still awaiting approval by that country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Created a decade ago, the Heberprot-P product accelerates the healing of diabetic foot injuries and according to Cuban experts  reduces by almost 70 percent the risk of amputation of the cases treated.

Bio CubaFarma president Eduardo Martinez noted that more than 80,000 people are affected annually in the United States by diabetic foot ulcer and lower limb amputations.

Cuban scientists say that more than half of these mutilations could be avoided if a therapy with the product Heberprot-P was applied.

The Heberprot-P and the CIMAVAX-EGF vaccine against lung cancer are currently the most important products of the Cuban biopharmaceutical industry.

The health sector was one of the beneficiaries of the rapprochement policy that Barack Obama and Raul Castro carried out, after decades of confrontation between the two countries.
In April 2015, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Havana reached an agreement with the Roswell Park Institute against Cancer in New York to begin testing the Cimavax EGF vaccine.

2 thoughts on “Cuban Medication for Diabetic Foot Heading to the US

  • One or two advances in healthcare based on stolen research and we should sit down together singing Kumbaya? Let me be very careful to avoid minimizing the benefits this medication provides to people suffering from diabetes. But let’s be clear: this better good news in no way forgives 60 years of tyrannical dictatorship. Look at it another way, this medication was developed IN SPITE OF the Castro dictatorship and not because of the Castros. Just imagine what might have been if the very same Cuban minds that developed Herberprot-B had been allowed to live in an open and free society?

  • This is a product of the 1959 Revolution. Those who claimed that the Educational System in the country was below par are now seeing the absurdity of thweir claim. Only the detractors of the Revolution will say such negative things. The Medication for the Diabetics will save many limbs and the Medication for LUNG CANCER will save the lives of many smokers. The exchange between the USA and Cuba is testimony to the fact that there are no ENEMIES in the WORLD. That we are all totally dependent one on the other. That we could all be friends, that we can all live in peace and harmony as Sovereign Countries each respecting the other. Yes, we have our different ways to our economice development, but, if we adhere to the PRINCIPLES of the 1948 United Nations Charter, we can respect each other for, there is more that make us good neighbours and friends, than what makes us hostile enemies! Let us therefore STRIVE for PEACE!! Let the good hand of neighbourliness, stretch forth across the waters and let PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY REIGN TRIUMPHANT!!

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