Cuban Music Goup ‘Gente de Zona’ Begins US Concert Tour

HAVANA TIMES — The popular group Gente de Zona began their US concert tour on Saturday at the club La Covacha (in Miami). Their tour will include a total of 10 performances in different cities, reported the Café Fuerte website.

On Sunday the band participated in the Latin Grammy’s “Street Party,” a celebration held prior to the 2012 Latin Grammy ceremony, whose awards will be presented on November 15 in Las Vegas.

Combining reggaeton and traditional Cuban music, the trio made up of Alexander Delgado, Jacob Forever and Nando Pro is popular not only in Cuba, but also in the United States ever since it debuted there in April 2010.

Gente de Zona will later travel to Milan, Italy, to present their line of perfume named “GDZ.”