Cuban New Left Website Reaches 100,000 Hits

HAVANA TIMES — The blog of Cuba’s new left Critical Observatory Network (Red Observatorio Critico) reached the figure of 100,000 visits on Tuesday, reads a note on the website of the group, which — based on the island — declares itself “anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist.”

Statistics show that the web page, which began working from the WordPress platform in 2010, has increasingly captured the attention of Internet users, especially Spanish-speaking readers from the United States, Spain, France, Mexico and Cuba itself.

“Little by little, the number of people who participate with the page grew and we learned to deal our (dis)connection challenges thanks to posts sent in by email and the use of proxies, as well as persistence and solidarity,” reads the note by the OC organization when referring to the strategies used to overcome Internet access difficulties.

The website, which is collectively managed, promotes critical and diverse points of view with regard to the realities of life on the island and it demonstrates its solidarity with anti-globalization social movements such as the as “indignados” (outraged) in Spain.