Cuban President Denounces US “Hatred” after New Sanctions

Cuban president Miguel Diaz Canel.  Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel, accused the United States on Wednesday of acting with “arrogance” and “hatred” after the announcement of sanctions against the Cuban company Corporación Panamericana, linked to the Venezuelan oil sector, reported Europa Press.

“Another measure of blockade: The United States sanctions a company for buying fuel for Cuba. Impotence, arrogance and imperial hatred will not make us give up,” Díaz-Canel said on his Twitter account.

The Trump Administration links the Pan American Corporation with Cubametales, an entity that was already included on the ‘blacklist’ in July, also for its relationship with Venezuelan oil.  According to Washington, the Pan American Corporation would have been an intermediary since then to circumvent the sanctions.

The Cuban president has insisted in his social networks that his government will not be “intimidated” by the “threats” of the United States, which Cuba considers “part of their interference policy,” he noted.

Both Diaz-Canel and the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, have accused the US Embassy of violating International Law for its alleged meddling in Cuba’s affairs. The Communist Party newspaper ‘Granma’, attributed last week to the United States a “slander and discrediting campaign” over the arrest of opposition leader Jose Daniel Ferrer, imprisoned since early October.

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  • When will a Cuban leader ignore the USA and the years of using the bad relationship between the two countries to justify all the failures of the Cuban system and finally admit that Cuba’s problems and struggles originate from the 60 years of failed socialist experiment? When will that leader stand up in front of the people and declare our avowed adherence to Marxism have brought nothing but misery and destruction not just to our economy and infrastructure but to all of our people too. The unnecessary separation of families,the dumbing down of society and abusive attempt to make people accept this inept and evil system has been the responsibility of the Cuban government and no other,and it’s time we bring change to our society.
    Socialism or death we cry at rallies,but what we never realized or accepted was that SOCIALISM IS DEATH! …. Apparently Diaz-Canel won’t be that leader,what a shame

  • Kennedy Earle Clarke demonstrates that ignorance is bliss as he wallows in his concocted swamp of misinformation. The first of his many errors is in circumventing the fact that the United Nations Charter was placed in front of other nations following its approval by the founding five – China (Chiang Kai Chek not the communist regime), France, US, USSR and the UK. for it was they as allies who had eventually joined to fight Hitler, initially by the UK and France prior to France capitulating, then the USSR in 1941 following Hitler’s invasion although Russia was initially an ally of Hitler and by signed agreement with him invaded Poland in September 1939, the US following Hitler declaring war upon it a week after the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbour and China following invasion by Japan.
    Apartheid in South Africa was introduced by Verwoerd in 1947. It was eventually overcome following sanctions placed upon it by several countries including the UK and the US following PM Mulroney of Canada persuading initially Margaret Thatcher and then Ronald Reagan of the need to do so. The UK also banned playing Rugby against South Africa. (Happily it was Nelson Mandela who had the joy of presenting the World Rugby Cup to South Africa – which did much to improve racial relations).
    It was the United Nations acting under the UN Charter which defended South Korea following the invasion by North Korea aided and abetted by Communist China.
    Kennedy Earle Clarke’s list of supposed “Overthrowing the following Governments” is largely fictitious, for example it was the US who intervened upon behalf of Egypt following the invasion of Suez by the UK and France in 1956 and it was the French who were involved in Vietnam years prior to the US intervening – and when they did, they did not succeed in overthrowing the communist government of Ho Chi Min but were defeated. Albania was the most secretive of the communist regimes under Hoxa being geographically protected by Yugoslavia and not subject to US intervention. Similar errors are evident in several other of the countries his imagination lists.
    As for Ukraine, it was Putin’s Russia that annexed Crimea and then attacked eastern Ukraine and then shot down a civilian airline killing some 280 people. The US provided aid voted by Congress to the democratically elected government albeit being obstructed by the narcissistic Donald Trump.
    Why does Kennedy Earle Clarke select “HITLER” as a totalitarian dictator rather than Stalin or Mao each of whom killed more people than Hitler and were equally despicable. Does he approve of the persecution of the Uighars and Tibetans by communist China and the concentration camps to imprison and indoctrinate those peoples? Are those examples of the “PEACEFUL MEANS” to which he refers?
    All that Kennedy Earle Clarke succeeds in doing as he relaxes and pontificates in the comfort of his retreat is to prove that he is an academic supporter of communist propaganda – but has little personal experience of its evils.
    The US in general and undoubtedly with blunders, endeavors to ensure the retention of democracy and freedom of the individual, but also has a record of political folly. The difference between the US and the totalitarian regimes of China and Russia is that because it enables freedom of information and public demonstrations, its numerous faults are exposed (I do not excuse them), whereas those of China and Russia are hidden behind the walls of secrecy, censorship and repression.

  • When the President of the USA denounced the JCPOA ( Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action with Iran, it was not the first nor would it ever be the last International Sgreement that it would be involved in. I hhave oft times reported that the USA wants to be the HITLER of the world. The world Body came together in 1945 and eclared that it was tired of war, so they drafted a Charter known as the United Nations Charter of 24th October, 1945. Apartheid came to South Africa where the Black Citizens of the Land were re–enslaved and the USA, the Land of Freedom and Democracy did nothing about it, but they were quick to invade North Korea in 1950 amd Viet nam in 1955 to stop the Spread of COMMUNISM which is a Workers REVOLUTION.

    The U.N. Charetr fobids member States from interfering into the internal affairs of other Member States and to settle their differences through PEACEFUL MEANS! Is the imposition of Sanctions not interference in other Member States? The US has Attempted or Succeeded in Overthrowing the following Governments: China, 1949-1970: Albania 1949-1953: East Germany 1950’s: Iran 1953: Guatemala, 1954: Costa Rico, mid 1950’s: Syria, 1956–57: Egupt, 1957: British Guyana, now Guyana 1953 –1964: Indonesia 1957-58: Iraq 1963: North Vietnam 1945–1973: Ecuador 1960–1963: Laos 1958, 59, 60: Cambodia 1955–1970: The Congo ZAIRE 1960: Cuba 1959 to the present:
    This is not the whole List, because there is the Ukraine whose Government was overthrown in 2014: The USA has been responsible for the ASSASSINATION or ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION of many WORLD LEADERS who do not tow their line. There is this Book written by William Blum, “THE ROGUE STATE” which tells about the many atrocities committed by the USA. Is this how the mighty USA behaves? Isn’t it intent in being the 21st Century HITLER of the world?

  • So would I Manuel. But belief it or not, I would put my money on Trump. He is obviously very fit for his age whereas Diaz-Canel although about fifteen years younger, continues to expand his gut, stretching the buttons. But whoever would win, I hope they would box and knock the hell out of each other!
    There is a similarity, both would like to be dictators, but only Diaz-Canel may win that one, fortunately Trump can’t for although being President of the US he is subject to the democratic system. Similarly, US citizens can criticize Trump and demonstrate publicly unlike Cuban citizens who are carefully supervised by the CDR and are not permitted to criticize the Communist Party its Dictator.

  • I would pay to see Mr. Trump and Mr. Canel have a match in the boxing ring or another similar venue like golf.

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