Cuban Religious Pray for Hugo Chavez

HAVANA TIMES — Members of the Latin American evangelical movement dedicated their prayers to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Thursday at Havana’s Miramar Theatre, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

Hundreds of Cuban, Dominican and Venezuelan religious believers gathered for almost two hours as they appealed through dance and prayers to God for Chavez’s speedy recovery. During these activities the crowd chanted “Long live Chavez.”

Believers also assembled at the Casa de Africa that afternoon for an Afro-Cuban religious drumming session lead by Santero Babalawo priest Papo Angarica. He played the “Orisha Chango” for the health of the South American head of state.

These religious initiatives in Havana coincided with events in Caracas in support of the postponement of the formal inauguration of the president due to his current health condition.

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  • The Theater of the Absurd! That’s all I can say!

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