Cuban & US Doctors Together in Haiti

By Circles Robinson

Two of the US doctors on route to join their Cuban colleagues in Haiti. Photo: IFCO/Pastors for Peace

HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 3 — Seven US doctors leave for Haiti on Wednesday to work alongside the Cuban medical brigade in the earthquake recovery effort, reported the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) in a press release.

Hailing from Harlem, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island in New York as well as from Houston and Minnesota, the US doctors studied medicine on scholarships at the Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine.

IFCO executive director Rev. Lucius Walker Jr. said “These dedicated and skilled young doctors are ready to serve. They received their MD degrees in Cuba, and they are uniquely prepared for the multiple challenges of this urgent mission.  We will send them to Haiti with backpacks full of medicines and supplies.”

In all more than 100 doctors from Venezuela, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Canada are also working alongside the over 400 Cuban doctors and support staff, notes IFCO.

Students from 49 different nations of the Americas, Africa, and other regions are currently enrolled at Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine. Among the graduates are 33 young people from the US.

Likewise, 400 young Haitians who have also received full-scholarship medical training at the Latin American School of Medicine, and are now attending the injured in Haiti.

3 thoughts on “Cuban & US Doctors Together in Haiti

  • @Pierre..i am glad to tell you that you are MISINFORMED. i am Cuban and each day i stand beside an you call them. bourgeois Haitian Doc and we save lives.Yes many are middle class and some are even wealthy BUT sir they have come here and have been TAUGHT Barrio medicine by Cubans Venezuelans Chinese,Puerto Ricans Bolivians( Alba )other words they have been taught by doctors who are not afriad to touch comeone dirty poor or other wise detestable.
    Now Pierre, let me share something else..i have been known to be mean salty and outright nasty but because i respect the man who put this together (hey Circles) i want to drop some science (wow my grandkids would think i am hip..)
    Sadly as a Cuban, i am very distressed to find that there are very FEW amerikkkkns who are here for the long haul..They are the bourgeoise (minus Dr Gupta) you spk of and when they did manage to pull themselves away from thier beach practices…they whined cried and complained 24/7. class culture race?

  • Gracias Fidel..i am still here and it is awesome to see how many young men and women are honing thier skills in this country..i have 2 who have decided that i should mentor them? i am a Forensic nurse /sleuth..they are doc but i have OUR story. and i am Afro Cuban…LOl i love it..We will do well here…

  • Cuba has been the indefatigable protector of the poor. The Cuban doctors saved the life of several thousand Haitians in the country side where the Haitian bourgeois doctors will not go.

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