Cuban Veteran Commits Suicide after Fine for Selling Produce

He fought in the war in Angola

Ángel Pacheco Soublet. Mari Rio Chico/Facebook

Angel Pacheco Soublet was fined 4,000 pesos in Las Tunas while working to support his sick wife.

By Diario de Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – Last weekend, 83-year-old Ángel Pacheco Soublet committed suicide in Las Tunas after receiving a 4,000-peso fine for selling vegetables from a push cart, reported Maricela Peña, who identifies herself as Mari Rio Chico on Facebook.

Having no money to pay the penalty, Pacheco Soublet decided to end his life. This man was dedicated to selling fruits and vegetables to help support his wife, who remains bedridden, and her daughter, who takes care of her.

“This is a call above all to the heart, (…) let those inspectors put their hands on their hearts when they go to issue a fine. Look at the social situation we are in. Look at what we have become, far from adding up, we’re subtracting,” Peña said.

In the publication, Peña showed at least four medals awarded to Pacheco Soublet for his services as a combatant in Angola and recognition for his “active participation in community activities.”

On March 29, 2021, in Mayarí, Holguín, a young man also committed suicide after receiving a fine of 7,000 pesos for selling plantains.

The Government and its inspectors appear to be persecuting private activities, mainly focused on survival, more viciously than they did during the so-called “Special Period” of the 1990s.

The Penal Code recently imposed by the Cuban Government increases the minimum limit of the sanctioning framework for “illicit economic activity” that is carried out as an alternative to the Government’s dwindling products.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban Veteran Commits Suicide after Fine for Selling Produce

  • The Cuban communist regime knows no shame and for the cabal, Angel was but a mere statistic.

    In the struggle to survive, Cubans have had no alternative but to practice illicit economic activity other than to leave. The younger generations try to leave by fleeing to other countries, but for the aged like Angel, there is only one way out.

    Diaz-Canel and his cabal will have a good supper and enjoy their sleep!

  • Take this story to the streets, to everywhere outside Cuba too… and embarrass the person laying the fine. Put his photo and name out there. If i was there, i would find a way to do it.. and risk my life for it.

  • The way the Glorious “revolution” pay to those who served it . an undignified old age in a country where they neither help you to live nor let you live. At least in capitalism they let you live. Another fool who believed in the broken dream served as a mercenary in Angola in the service of the USSR without knowing that his destiny would be to sell what he could in a poor push cart… may he rest in peace.

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