Cuban VP Receives Syrian Special Envoy

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban First Vice President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, received on Wednesday in Havana, Mohsen Bilal, special envoy of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, the official Cuban TV news reported.

The theme of the meeting was the state of the conflict in Syria, where the UN has accused government forces of murder, torture, rape, forced displacement, forced disappearances and other acts, many of which are carried out systematically against civilians.

For his part, Diaz-Canel reaffirmed “the right of the Syrian people to fully exercise self-determination and sovereignty, without interference or any foreign intervention,” referring to US support for opposition forces.

The envoy brought Assad’s greetings to Fidel Castro, and the current president, his brother Raul.

4 thoughts on “Cuban VP Receives Syrian Special Envoy

  • The ordinary Cuban people have difficulties transferring money in & out of Cuba, but not so the regime. The Castro bros have some nice bank accounts in Spain and elsewhere from which they fund “extra-curricular” projects. In fact, they’re quite good at hiding the money transfers. Help with shady banking is most likely the reason the Iranians have been visiting Cuba a lot lately.

    Read the paper “FIDEL CASTRO, INC.: A GLOBAL CONGLOMERATE” by Maria C. Werlau

  • Militarily, Syria is on the Russian teat like Cuba is on Venezuela. No need for Cuba’s help in that regard. Safekeeping cash is a possibility but only if you are in Cuba to pick it up or to spend it. Cuba’s access to transfer money elsewhere outside is Cuba is the worst in the world. (OK, North Korea is probably bad too). The only thing Cuba has to offer is safe haven for the Assad clan.

  • Well, Diaz-Canal certainly has a flair for the ironic:

    ” “the right of the Syrian people to fully exercise self-determination and sovereignty…”

    GIven that the Assad dictatorship has never allowed the Syrian people to exercise self-determination, nor has the Castro dictatorship.

    Assad didn’t send his envoy just for the kind words and a handshake. What is the real business this Syrian in Cuba? Is he shopping for a nice retirement home for his boss? Dropping off a few suitcases of cash for safe keeping? Picking up some badly needed specialized military equipment?

    Seriously, what business does Syria have with Cuba?

  • “Birds of a feather flock together”. Why didn’t they invite Kim Jong Un of North Korea at the same time and order out for pizza? Then these guys wonder why they get put on terrorism lists.

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