Cuban Zoo ‘Ready’ to Receive Animals from Namibia

HAVANA TIMES — The National Zoo of Cuba is “ready” to receive a donation of 146 animals of 23 species from Namibia, said Miguel Abud Soto, the director of that institution, when speaking to the Prensa Latina news agency on Monday.

The director said that during the carrying out of “Operation Noah’s Ark II,” all international requirements governing the movement of animals from Africa will have been taken into account.

According to an article in The Namibian newspaper, the donation is valued at about $900,000 and the cargo will include African buffalos, springbok gazelles; roan, impala, grand kudu and oryx antelopes; lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas (spotted and brown), and other species.

“The park was renovated, partially reconstructed and extensive maintenance was conducted,” said Abud Soto this past July in response to criticism from animal rights groups on the island.