Cubans Consumed Fewer Eggs in 2012

HAVANA TIMES — Cubans consumed fewer eggs last year, said Moraima Cespedes Morales, the vice minister of Economy within the Ministry of Agriculture, speaking to the Granma newspaper.

According to the news article, egg production reached only 94 percent of plan due to a lack of imported raw materials and “technological indiscipline.” Consequently, “the deficit of certain resources forced the postponement of certain health care measures and the timely replacement of hens.”

In addition to sales of eggs at market prices, deeply subsidized eggs are sold to the public by the Cuban government through its rationing program. Every month, each person is eligible to buy five eggs at a price of less than one cent USD each (0.15 cents Cuban), and five additional eggs for 4.5 cents each.


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  • Another triumph of the revolution.

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