Cuba’s Fidel Castro Celebrates 84th

By Circles Robinson

Recent photo of Fidel Castro. Photo: estudios revolución

HAVANA TIMES, August 13 — Fidel Castro turns 84 on Friday amid his renewed public presence.

After four years of convalescence the leader of the 1959 Cuban revolution is back in the limelight as the government’s leading voice on international affairs.

He has made several warnings about the danger of a devastating nuclear war that could occur if the US and Israel attack Iran or from a conflict on the Korean peninsula.

Fidel’s behind the scenes role on the domestic policies of Cuba is not public, although President Raul Castro has previously said he would consult his older brother on important matters.

Castro was 32 at the time of the revolution and 65 when the Soviet Union and Eastern European Socialist Camp disappeared.

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  • The governments of Cuba and the United States need to be purged of all politicians over the age of 35 and those that are left in office need to get their direction from children under the age of 10. Peace, freedom, happiness and love would prevail.

  • Number 13 is really lucky.Castro is a lucky man.

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