Cuba’s Gov. Makes Big Changes

By Circles Robinson

 Bruno Rodriguez is Cuba’s new foreign minister
Bruno Rodriguez is Cuba’s new foreign minister

HAVANA TIMES, March 2 – President Raul Castro announced make major changes in the Cuban government on Monday after a year of evaluating his cabinet members.

Numerous top officials were removed from their key posts including Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque, Finance and Planning Minister Jorge Luis Rodriguez, and Carlos Lage Davila the Executive Secretary of the Council of Ministers..

Perez Roque was replaced as Cuba’s top diplomatic post by the current First Vice Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.

Carlos Lage Davila was replaced as executive secretary of the Council of Ministers by the current head of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Secretariat, Brig. Gen. Jose Amado Ricardo Guerra.

Marino Murillo Jorge was designated to replace Jorge Luiz Rodriguez. Murillo had been the minister of Internal Commerce.

Carlos Lage Davila lost his key cabinet post
Carlos Lage Davila lost his key cabinet post

The changes also involve the restructuring of the government. Two important ministries, Foreign Commerce (MICE) and Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration (MINVEC) were merged with the current MINVEC minister Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz picked for the post while Raul de la Nuez Ramirez loses his at MICE which ceases to exist.

Otto Rivero Torres is no longer a vice president of the Council of Ministers. The official note said the investment programs he headed up have been transferred to their respective institutions.

Likewise, Alfredo Morales Cartaya was replaced as the minister of Labor and Social Security by Margarita Marlene Gonzalez Fernandez, the current first vice minister.

Another merger came with the Ministries of the Food Industry and Fishing Industry with Maria del Carmen Concepcion Gonzalez being designated to head what will now be only the Ministry of the Food Industry. To assume her new role, Concepcion will no longer serve on the Secretariat of the Communist Party Central Committee.

Georgina Barreiro Fajardo was replaced as minister of Finance and Prices by Lina Pedraza Rodriguez, who like Concepcion, had served on the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee Secretariat.

Due to the mergers, other officials whose positions disappear are Alejandro Roca Iglesias and Alfredo Lopez Valdes, in their posts as ministers of the Food Industry and Fishing Industry.

In another shake up, Brig. Gen. Salvador Pardo Cruz takes over the Ministry of the Iron-Steel Industry replacing Fernando Acosta Santana.

Jose M. Miyar Barrueco was shuffled from his post as Secretary of the Council of State to take the post as minister of the Science, Technology and Environment Ministry. Representative Homero Acosta Alvarez was designated on an interim basis as secretary of the Council of State, pending ratification by the parliament.

4 thoughts on “Cuba’s Gov. Makes Big Changes

  • Hello everybody out there..since last year I heard from people living in Havana that all those ministers now fired, in particular Roque and Lage, were trafficking with most of the joint ventures present in Cuba and making a lot of money in an illegal manner (call it corruption). The rumors became very loud in the May 2008 and people got angry, especially after 3 powerful hurricanes destroyed most of the rural and industrial cuban economy last autumn). So nothing new for me, and I think Raul couldn’t stand no more any big case of corruption. I invite you to read Fidel’s article in the published today March the 3rd 2009. Bye for now and I hope to be helpful.

  • I liked this article very much.

    I also like the changes President Obama and his Democratic Party are making. They will improve the economy, provide many new jobs, establish regulations, so banks can make profits again, seek new relationships with other countries, seek help from Russia to restrain Iran’s nuculear ambitions, and help the automakers build less expensive cars that run efficiently on electricity.

    In addition I believe that the US’s relations with Cuba and other Latin American Countries will improve.


  • Yes, here, almost everybody liked Lage (Davila) y Perez (Roque) because they were the only young prestigious faces we had on TV for the last 10 years .-) Both of them will adapt and will survive happily 🙂 Any change is welcome (we think it won´t make any difference and at least it will show pro-change good will 🙂 Unfortunately most of these ministers are too old to adapt to new information technologies, but at least the foreign affairs minister will be a blank paper sheet to start over the new relationship with the States 🙂

  • These changes are unexpected as they are drastic! There will be much speculation and theorising. Is this a matter of improving governmental efficiency or has trust diminished in those who have been replaced? I much admired Roque and Davila. I hope there isn’t a problem.

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