Cuba’s Latest Report on its Covid-19 Status

Covid-19 positive cases in Cuba.  Graph by:

The island reached 1,035 Cases of Covid-19, and 3,037 Hospitalized

Cuba’s Communist Party Leader, General Raul Castro, met with top officials including president Miguel Diaz Canel on Friday to review the Covid-19 situation.  Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – With 49 new Covid-19 cases registered on Saturday, April 18, Cuba reached the figure of 1,035 positive patients, informed Dr. Francisco Durán García, national director of Epidemiology, of the Ministry of Public Health, reported the official Cubadebate website on Sunday.

Speaking at a press conference broadcast online and on Cuban TV, the specialist updated on the country’s epidemiological situation, and offered details of the latest cases.

Besides the confirmed cases, Duran said that another 3,037 persons are admitted to hospitals for clinical epidemiology surveillance. He reported that another 8,134 people are being monitored in their homes, by primary health care workers.

Nationwide a total of 34 persons have died due to the coronavirus (3.3% of the total number of cases).

Duran reported that 1,770 tests were administered in the preceding 24-hours and are being studied in labs in Havana, Villa Clara, Santiago de Cuba.

Thus far, the Health Ministry says 26,982 tests have been administered and 1035 were positive (3.83%).

Of the 49 newly diagnosed cases, 24 were women for 48.9% and 25 men (51.0%). Of the total number of diagnosed cases (49), the most affected age groups were: those under 40 years of age with 23 cases (46.9%), followed by the group of 40 to 60 years with 19 cases (38.7%). 51.0% (25) of the positive cases were asymptomatic.

The Cuban Health Ministry gave a list of Covid-19 cases by province along with rate of infection per 100,000 inhabitants:

• Isle of Youth: 22 cases for a rate of 26.2 per 100,000 inhabitants
• Villa Clara: 167 cases for a rate of 21.5
• Havana: 376 cases for a rate of 17.7
• Ciego de Ávila: 76 cases for a rate of 17.4
• Sancti Spíritus: 60 cases for a rate of 12.9
• Matanzas: 63 cases for a rate of 8.8
• Holguín: 73 cases for a rate of 7.1
• Mayabeque: 25 cases for a rate of 6.5
• Artemis: 27 cases for a rate of 5.2

Dr. Duran warned that while the rest of the provinces, have lower rates, the possibilities of contagion are the same as in the territories with the highest number of cases, and the protection measures must also be extreme.


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  • Hope things are slowly getting better for all the people of Cuba. We are scheduled to go back to your fine country in Dec. but although our fingers are crossed we think it will be another 12 months before we will walk those lovely beaches.
    Keep safe ……
    Bob and Lynne …. Canucks who love visiting Cuba and it’s people

  • Both Mario and Carlyle are correct. My family in Cuba have shared their personal observations of the effects of the virus in Guantanamo as well as what the rumor mill in the street has reported. The numbers of Cubans infected are far greater than what the government reports. Like the US and many other Latin American countries, because testing is so low, it is clearly unknown the real number of Cubans who have been infected.

  • Mario, the Cuban regime’s figures are as reliable as those of China, Vietnam and Russia!

  • those numbers are HIGHLY skewed!!!, you cannot believe a word they say.

  • The venerable dictator speaks! What are the odds that Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez would like to put some Gorilla glue on the inside of Raul Castro Ruz’s mask?

  • We wish you well and that COVID-19 disappears as fast as it seemed to come. We have our very first vacation ever booked for Cayo Coco. We were so excited to see your beautiful country. We are saddened it probably won’t happen.

  • to all my beautiful friends, and the amazing staff at the sol luna mares, to all at Frey Benito,Rafael freyre Banes & Holquin. Hope you are safe and well, see you all again as soon as we can fly back to you.

  • My wonderful “Home away from Home”
    Hope all my Cuban family in La Habana and Ciego de Avila stay Safe an Healthy and to my my friends the same. Love ?? you all Audrey en canada

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