Cuba’s Leslie Anderson Signs with T.B.

HAVANA TIMES, March 11 — Leslie Anderson, one of several top Cuban baseball players who left the island looking for greener pastures in 2009, has signed a 3.75 million dollar contract with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Anderson, 27, who played for Camaguey in the Cuban league, was on the Team Cuba roster in the 2009 World Baseball Classic before abandoning his country later in the year.

Fast on the bases, Anderson plays first base and all outfield positions.   He batted an excellent .381 in his last season in the Cuban league.

The signing of Anderson comes on the heels of the Boston Red Sox’ signing of 19-year-old shortstop Jose Iglesias for $8.25 million and the $30 million received by left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman to throw for the Cincinnati Reds.