Cuba’s Oswaldo Paya Dies in Car Crash

Oswaldo Paya

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya, 60, died in a car crash on Sunday afternoon near Bayamo, Granma in eastern Cuba.

A government statement said that the rental car Paya was traveling in lost control and crashed into a tree. It notes that another Cuban in the car, Harold Cepero Escalante also died.

The report posted on says there were two other passengers, Ángel Carromero Barrios of Spain and Jens Aron Modig, from Sweden, who both suffered minor injuries and received medial assistance at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Hospital in Bayamo.

Contradicting the government report, the dissident’s daughter, Rosa Maria Paya, told CNN that the family believes the car was in fact intentionally struck by another vehicle.

Cuban police are continuing their investigating into the crash, said the government statement issued at the International Press Center in Havana.



5 thoughts on “Cuba’s Oswaldo Paya Dies in Car Crash

  • Kurt, this prestigious agency had them so relaxed that they didn’t see the tree. What a lack of respect! And your condolences to the family… jerk!

  • Ha ha.. look… if they wanted to eliminate him… let’s think about this…Why would they eliminate him at the moment he was traveling with two European tourists?…. perhaps they know how we are and that it would cause suspicions and that this would upset the European governments?… look.. such a prestigious security agency that has managed to infiltrate everyone from the CIA, the FBI.. and so many other government agencies in the US and Europe that exist… they would have picked a better time… ha ha ha… my impression is that they had a few too many drinks… and they drove too fast on the highway… which as we all know is very narrow and has lots of curves… and it’s pretty beat up…my condolences to the family…

  • In Café Fuerte they suggest that the death of Paya was possibly the result of an operation organized by the Cuban government

    We still have fresh memory of the death under strange circumstances of Laura Pollan, and now this “accident.”

    Are we in the presence of a Mafioso government?

  • I suppose that they were all together in the same car.

  • I don’t understand what the tourists going against a tree has to do with the other two Cuban passengers having died.

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