Cuba’s Raul Castro to Address the UN General Assembly on Sept. 28th

Raul Castro in a recent speech in which he criticized the US media offensive against Cuba.
Cuban president Raul Castro.  Foto:

HAVANA TIIMES — Cuban President Raul Castro will speak for the first time before the UN General Assembly in New York, according to the latest list of speakers released today by the United Nations, reported dpa news.

Castro is scheduled to make his address on September 28 during the high-level debate of the Assembly, which this year celebrates its 70th session.

Among the 140 world leaders set to attend the session are US President Barack Obama, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping.

Raul Castro, 84, took power in 2006, first on an interim basis following the serious illness that put his brother Fidel on the brink of death. Raul Castro was officially named president in 2008 and in 2013 assumed his second term of five years. He has already announced that he will leave office in 2018.

The last speech of Fidel Castro before the General Assembly was in 2000. The Cuban leader has the record for the longest speech at the UN, when in 1960 he spoke for 269 minutes.

30 thoughts on “Cuba’s Raul Castro to Address the UN General Assembly on Sept. 28th

  • And Terry, how can anyone impose the educational restrictions which I described above and “pretend to CARE about the Cuban people while STILL backing those … insane policies.” The Castros have been playing God with the lives of the Cuban people for fifty six long dreary years of repression.

  • I hope Terry that you have now done as I suggested. If so, then do please explain to us the benefits of the matters I raised, which are not a consequence of the economic embargo or the Helms-Burton Amendment, but solely those of the Castro family regime.

  • The age of the lease is irrelevant. It was a lease intended to continue into perpetuity or until the MUTUAL agreement of both parties to terminate. Fidel Castro cashed two checks and then decided to stop. His choice. We make the payment on time honoring the terms of the lease. The ONLY argument you and others should be making is the moral one. If the host country doesn’t want the US to have a base in their country, we should leave. But don’t say it is illegal. That is simply not true.

  • What does Puerto Rico have to do with this thread? So far, a majority of the Congress agrees with me regarding Gitmo. I can’t say how “respected and unbiased”, but. …

  • “On the other hand, you seem to support the tyranny of the Castro dictatorship and care little for democracy and free speech in Cuba.”

    Absolute nonsense. I simply realize that nothing political will change until your US government levels the playing field and provides the Cuban government with the ability and potential to integrate… post embargo. Right now, your government is still at war with Cuba… how could the Cuban government possibly think about the evolution of their political structure to democracy under such circumstances? Cuba will never again bend over for America and take it from behind. That’s what I respect.

    “I visit HT nearly every day as my own little effort to expedite the lifting of the US embargo.”

    Moses, if you feel so adamant now that the US embargo SHOULD be lifted, then expedite the virtues of your beloved democratic process and petition your congressman. As an American, you have that ability. That’s what I would call.. making your own little effort. Walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk.

  • Terry, do please read my response above to Chuck1938.

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