Cuba’s Raul Castro to Address the UN General Assembly on Sept. 28th

Raul Castro in a recent speech in which he criticized the US media offensive against Cuba.
Cuban president Raul Castro.  Foto:

HAVANA TIIMES — Cuban President Raul Castro will speak for the first time before the UN General Assembly in New York, according to the latest list of speakers released today by the United Nations, reported dpa news.

Castro is scheduled to make his address on September 28 during the high-level debate of the Assembly, which this year celebrates its 70th session.

Among the 140 world leaders set to attend the session are US President Barack Obama, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping.

Raul Castro, 84, took power in 2006, first on an interim basis following the serious illness that put his brother Fidel on the brink of death. Raul Castro was officially named president in 2008 and in 2013 assumed his second term of five years. He has already announced that he will leave office in 2018.

The last speech of Fidel Castro before the General Assembly was in 2000. The Cuban leader has the record for the longest speech at the UN, when in 1960 he spoke for 269 minutes.

30 thoughts on “Cuba’s Raul Castro to Address the UN General Assembly on Sept. 28th

  • And Terry, how can anyone impose the educational restrictions which I described above and “pretend to CARE about the Cuban people while STILL backing those … insane policies.” The Castros have been playing God with the lives of the Cuban people for fifty six long dreary years of repression.

  • I hope Terry that you have now done as I suggested. If so, then do please explain to us the benefits of the matters I raised, which are not a consequence of the economic embargo or the Helms-Burton Amendment, but solely those of the Castro family regime.

  • The age of the lease is irrelevant. It was a lease intended to continue into perpetuity or until the MUTUAL agreement of both parties to terminate. Fidel Castro cashed two checks and then decided to stop. His choice. We make the payment on time honoring the terms of the lease. The ONLY argument you and others should be making is the moral one. If the host country doesn’t want the US to have a base in their country, we should leave. But don’t say it is illegal. That is simply not true.

  • What does Puerto Rico have to do with this thread? So far, a majority of the Congress agrees with me regarding Gitmo. I can’t say how “respected and unbiased”, but. …

  • “On the other hand, you seem to support the tyranny of the Castro dictatorship and care little for democracy and free speech in Cuba.”

    Absolute nonsense. I simply realize that nothing political will change until your US government levels the playing field and provides the Cuban government with the ability and potential to integrate… post embargo. Right now, your government is still at war with Cuba… how could the Cuban government possibly think about the evolution of their political structure to democracy under such circumstances? Cuba will never again bend over for America and take it from behind. That’s what I respect.

    “I visit HT nearly every day as my own little effort to expedite the lifting of the US embargo.”

    Moses, if you feel so adamant now that the US embargo SHOULD be lifted, then expedite the virtues of your beloved democratic process and petition your congressman. As an American, you have that ability. That’s what I would call.. making your own little effort. Walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk.

  • Terry, do please read my response above to Chuck1938.

  • The “balseros” are fleeing Puerto Rico for Miami in even larger numbers. Of course, the increase in Cubans flocking to Miami for freedom, welfare, etc., has increased since they fear the recent U.S.-Cuban detente might eliminate the vastly discriminatory U.S. laws that favor only Cuban exiles at the expense of all others. Such things as Wet Foot/Dry Foot and the 1980s-till-today pipeline of tax dollars from the U. S. Treasury to Miami even surprises some of Miami’s retired Mafia figures, I imagine: “Hey, Lefty! Remember all that trouble we went through to steal a few hundred thousand? These guys get millions piped to them from Washington by just having a few Congressmen in their pockets!” As for the “legal lease” of Guantanamo Bay, only self-serving propagandists agree with your position. If you know of any respected and unbiased person who agrees with you, let us know.

  • When at home in Cuba, I daily witness the “proven results of his government.”
    Let me describe a few.
    It is logical to commence with children and education. The Code for Children, Youth and Family states that a parent who teaches ideas contrary to communism can be sentenced to three years in prison. The Department of Revolutionary Orientation has a file for each child on “revolutionary integration”. A prime requirement for all teachers is that they teach “respect” this ccommencing in kindergarten prior to the age of 2 years. This was emphasized by for the Raul Castro Ruz as recently as 7 July, 2013 when he said:
    “the family and school must instill respect for the rules of society, from early childhood.”
    The reasons are that the said “rules of society” are those laid down by the Castro family regime which are designed to retain their power and control. Respect for authority is critical, as they are the ultimate authority – don’t think for yourself, let us think for you!
    Repression commences with the law where if arrested by the State Police, the accused is guilty until proven innocent. This highly personal view was demonstrated by Fidel Castro Ruz when he personally conducted the prosecution of Huber Matos a sham of a trial where Matos was sentenced to 20 years in jail. It is extended by the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution (CDR) with representation on every block of every village, town and city in Cuba. The defined purpose of the CDR is to report upon who is meeting with whom and to detect any who deviate from the Castro family regime rules – they get termed “dissidents” and go to jail. it is further extended by a total ban on any form of free media. Granma is the Gospel being the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba.
    Pensioners receive 200 pesos per month ($8 US). The average ‘earnings’ of Cubans is equivalent to $20.68 US per month. The comparatively well paid teachers receive the equivalent of $30 US per month.
    I could go further and in greater detail, but the above is an indication of “the proven results of his government” to which you offer your support. It is oh so easy to write with approval of a system which you have not experienced and do not suffer under. The matters which I have briefly touched upon are not some form of academic interest, they are the reality of the day to day life of the people of Cuba under a communist dictatorship.
    So Chuck1938, justify your view, I and no doubt others look forward to you doing so.

  • So Raul is not radical enogh for you?

    You live in your own private eco chamber. Cuba is a crumbling diaaster by anyone’s measure, but in your mind it’s a success. Meanwhile a new boatload of Cubans just landed in Key Biscayne fleeing your successful revolution. Perhapse you’re trying to reach the wrong target audience. Go to Cuba and talk some sense I to those people!

  • Cuba has never been precluded from trading with anyone save the US. Since 1959, Cuba has been the recipient of more than a billion dollars of Soviet, Venezuelan and other foreign aid through forgiven loans, subsidies and gifts. The Castros have destroyed entire Cuban industries and mismanaged hundreds of millions of dollars. The US embargo has had its effect on the Cuban economy but the “boat anchor” that has sunk the Cuban ship-of-state is Castro socialism.

  • I have frequently acknowledged that the original intentions of the embargo have missed their mark. As a result, the embargo should be lifted as soon as possible. I also believe that the requirements set forth by Helms-Burton should be met as soon as possible in order to repeal that law. Simply put, these requirements are no Castros, market economy, open elections and no political prisoners. Which of these requirements gives you heartburn?

  • The Cuban government that signed the Gitmo lease in 1903 was no less legitimate than the current Cuban government whining about it. I visit HT nearly every day as my own little effort to expedite the lifting of the US embargo. On this issue we can agree that the embargo should be lifted as soon as possible. Our difference is that I would like to see Helms-Burton repealed post haste and the embargo lifted because Cuba has met the stipulations set forth in US federal law. On the other hand, you seem to support the tyranny of the Castro dictatorship and care little for democracy and free speech in Cuba.

  • You mean… a legal lease from different era (early 1900’s?) with monthly payment which Cuban government hasn’t cashed over decades, and current Castro government has not approved of, to be exact. Right?

  • “Why are you ignoring the US legal right to Gitmo and the legislative process required to lift the embargo?”
    US legal right… my ass! The Cuban puppet government of the US signed that ludicrous lease under duress ages ago. Legal right… what a bunch of BS. And as far as the legislative process required to lift the embargo… I’m well aware of what’s required. The big question is… what are YOU doing to help speed that process along? I’ll answer for you… NOTHING!

  • Because your country’s policies don’t work! They haven’t worked! And all they have done and continue to do each and every day is bring misery to ordinary Cuban men, women, and children! How someone can be so THICK and pretend to CARE about the Cuban people while STILL backing those failed insane policies is absolutely insane onto itself. Moses, there’s really something wrong with you. Stop playing GOD! And pass that message on to your government too!

  • Moses, once more… if we really want to know what the current Cuban government can do WITHOUT the boat-anchor of the economic embargo and Helms-Burton act attached to their ankles and holding them back… then let’s level the playing field and get rid of those obstacles before drawing definitive conclusions. That’s imperative, and only fair.

  • Your attempt to lump my anti-CASTRO comments in with the Miami extremists is misbegotten. I reject the Batista dictatorship as fervently as I reject the Castros. I am a “democracy-loving” American which establishes my anti-CASTRO credentials. Gitmo was far from stolen. The US has a legal lease of the property signed by the elected government of Cuba at the time. ‘La China’s’ speech to the UN will entail the same whiny claptrap the Castros have produced for more than 50 years. In the meantime, the balseros are fleeing Cuba in record numbers.

  • Moses, your Joe McCarthy-like propaganda doesn’t scare as many people as you might think. If that is your prime tactic to combat democracy-loving Americans, maybe you should refresh your arsenal. It is pro-American, many of us believe, to disagree with the U. S. support of the Batista-Mafia terror 1952-1959, the Miami-Mafia terror since 1959, the Bay of Pigs attack, the bombing of Cubana Flight 455, the embargo against the Cuban people, the lucrative anti-Castro economic and political industry in the U. S., etc. The policies you support in the guise of hurting Castro, I believe, greatly harms U. S. prestige around the world and drains the U. S. treasury. Regarding Raul Castro’s upcoming UN speech, if he criticizes the embargo, the bombing of Cubana 455, etc., I believe most UN nations will fully agree with him, even if you don’t. Last year’s UN vote was 188-2 in favor of Cuba with only Israel supporting the U. S. position. There are areas in which the Castros can certainly be criticized but that would not sanitize the theft of Guantanamo Bay, Batista, the Mafia, the Bay of Pigs, the embargo, Cubana Flight 455, and other dastardly acts against innocent Cubans. As profitable and rewarding as the anti-Castro Industry in the U. S. is, it benefits a few and harms millions. In other words, the Batista-Mafia rule of Cuba in the 1950s is equivalent to the Batistiano-Mafiosi rule of U.S. Cuban policy since 1959.

  • The photograph above does not reflect Raul as he will be seen at the UN where he will no doubt wear one of his collection of silk ties.
    I very much doubt whether he will wish to duplicate wearing the fatigues of the type favoured by BIG BROTHER Fidel as he will wish to give the impression of being a statesman rather than that of an executioner.

  • One doesn’t have to be clairvoyant to know that BIG BROTHER Fidel suffers from verbal diarrhoea. But, wait to see whether I am clairvoyant of not about Raul misleading people into believing that the policies that the family regime has pursued for fifty six years are about to change. I certainly hope that I am wrong about no change for the people of Cuba, but day to day life there convinces me that I am correct. Raul is a dedicated communist – he will endeavor to manipulate others into change without moving his own position.

  • If the only measure of a government’s success is that it has continued to exist then your judgment of the Castro dictatorship is correct. If on the other hand you choose to set the bar a little higher to include increased production and self-reliance, then the only “proven results” are failure. What has Cuba won? Are Cubans better off than they would have been under a democratically-elected government? It is clear that Cubans have suffered and continue to do so. The Castros have survived US pressure but there’s a difference between surviving and winning.

  • “Those US demands and interventionist policies have to go first.” This includes open and transparent elections, a free and independent press and a market-based economy. These are all things that you currently enjoy. Which of these would you be willing to give up? Castro bootlickers who live abroad work to demonize the very ideals that allow you to freely criticize the US policy to bring democracy to the Cuban people. Why is that?

  • Terry, I am not “side-stepping” anything. I brought it up! I just don’t see it the way you see it. Why is it that Castro bootlickers so enjoy rejecting FACT to promote a failed agenda. Why are you ignoring the US legal right to Gitmo and the legislative process required to lift the embargo? The US is not a dictatorship and repealing federal law requires the approval of both houses of Congress and the signature of the President. If Castro II is about telling the truth, why does he prevent Cubans from telling their truth?

  • Why wait and speculate about Raul Castro’s UN presentation, when he is known for his short, non-rousing, direct speech, while ignoring the proven results of his government, that resisted the onslaught of the most powerful nation on earth for half a century and won!
    Can anyone fit that story in a UN General Assembly?

  • Moses, you’re still side-stepping the issue and responsibility of your country returning Gitmo, lifting the embargo, and repealing Helms-Burton. I hardly call that a rant. The US will hear exactly what it deserves to hear… the truth.

  • The Cuban queen will play to his audience of US-haters. Americans are well-accustomed to the rants of ayatollahs, dictators, and aged generals.

  • Carlyle, let’s wait for his speech before you have us all believe that you’re clairvoyant. The times they are a changing…and Raul is not his brother. No doubt he will continue to outline what the US needs to do first to begin a process of support for modernizing Cuba’s economic, political, and social fabrics. One thing begets another… unfortunately many have believed for decades that what the US demands… it gets. Those US demands and interventionist policies have to go first. Only then can one seriously criticize a Cuban government that has previously had to protect the virtues of their revolution and their nation by drastic means… all the while under siege and attack from the US. The US has no right to criticize, when in fact those same insane US policies aimed at creating misery for the Cuban people (not their government), economic starvation, threats of invasion, acts of sabotage, assassination attempts, terrorist plots, and general isolationism, have all helped to create the little monster that is Cuba.

  • And he will be absolutely correct…your attitude encapsulates that.

  • Let me save you some time listening to an old man give the same old boring speech. US bad, Cuba good. Leave Gitmo, lift the embargo. Blah, blah, blah.

  • Fortunately for those attending the UN on September 30, Raul Castro Ruz does not suffer from the verbal diarrhoea which was a characteristic of his big brother Fidel. His speech which will be heard with interest will no doubt pander to those who think that some forms of change are in the offing in Cuba, but will not introduce any form of change for the people of Cuba.

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