Cuba’s Role in Preventing Iran War

By Circles Robinson

Fidel Castro stuck to global issues in his talk to Cuban students on Friday. Photo: Ihosvanny

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 3 — Cuba’s Fidel Castro continued on Friday morning his campaign of alert of an imminent new war in the Middle East.

He spoke to students and professors on the steps of the University of Havana and centered his speech on a call for US President Obama to avoid setting off a war against Iran with nuclear consequences.

The former Cuban president and still head of the all-powerful Communist Party of Cuba said it was his country’s role to warn the world of the dangers such a war would bring to the planet.

Castro also told the students that climate change is the other global problem that deserves the utmost attention.

He did not mention any domestic issues, keeping to his foreign agenda that has dominated his pronouncements since returning to the public arena in early July after nearly four years of convalescence.

Havana Times will publish Fidel Castro’s entire speech as soon as it’s official translation is available.

2 thoughts on “Cuba’s Role in Preventing Iran War

  • Do I sense a parallel here? Obama seems unable to take effective action on our most important domestic issue, the economy. The same seems to be true of Fidel (and Raul). OTOH, I sense that the ruling elite here in Yuma-land see as a solution to their short-sightendess (in shipping so many manufacturing jobs abroad) in creating a permanent state of war, thus subsidizing and increasing our “defense” industries and military establishment. Of course in our own case the consequences will be far more global and, as we saw if Iraq, unanticipated. Right now there is probably a struggle going on within the elite–and it does not matter which flavor of the two dominate political parties–between those favoring adventure vs those favoring prudence. As was the case with the beginning of WWI, however, we may be “pulled into” global catastrophy by one of our junior “partners” (i.e. Israel).

  • A few month back they placed an article request asking for the Nobel peace price to be awarded to Fidel Castro on his website
    Surprisingly they retired the article.
    I wonder if all of this about the nuclear war etc etc from Fidel is so to try to get the Nobel peace price?

    I am not sure what are the requirements to get a Nobel peace price but averting a fictional war between two nations should not count.
    I was trying to imagine an reconstruct his mind from the things he talks about and all I see is war, empire attacks and apocalyptic destruction etc etc.

    Poor guy.

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