Cuba’s Silvio R. Favors Amnesty

HAVANA TIMES, April 7 — “If it was in my hands I would grant amnesty to those hundred prisoners that some say “are of conscience”, popular Cuban folk singer Silvio Rodriguez told Pagina 12 newspaper in Argentina.  Silvio —as he is known in Cuba— was responding to the interviewer’s question on his position regarding the hunger strike of dissenter Guillermo Fariñas?

Silvio went on to say, “I believe it’s necessary to get beyond the Cold War logic and that our stance shouldn’t be tied to the policy of anyone.  It wouldn’t bother me if they say we freed them because of pressure.  I would know that I did it because it’s time to change the old logic.  We can’t be eternal prisoners of our past, because there’s a future waiting for us.”

The interview was mainly about the release of Silvio’s new CD titled: “Segunda cita”.