Cuba’s VP Threatens “Contra” Projects (Video)

Raul Castro and Miguel Diaz Canel. File photo.

HAVANA TIMES – In a recent meeting of leaders of the Communist Party of Cuba, First Vice President Miguel Díaz Canel spoke about non-government media and other projects that seek to destroy the Cuban Revolution with underhanded methods from within.

Díaz Canel, considered the successor of Raul Castro in February of 2018, changed his sometimes conciliatory tone for the hard line approach of the historical leaders who accompanied Fidel Castro from the beginning of his arrival to power.

According to Diaz Canel many non-governmental groups and accredited media are seemingly unharmful, but are in fact doing counterrevolutionary work and could perfectly be closed. He said he had no fear of being accused of censorship.

Here is the filtered video (in Spanish) from the meeting of Díaz Canel with the communist leaders.


15 thoughts on “Cuba’s VP Threatens “Contra” Projects (Video)

  • i knew that was coming. lets see what is going to be.

  • Hahaha. Thr only thing missing from the picture you painted for us is a shoe tp bang on a podium.

  • The insiders are terrified of losing control. Only an assured hard liner would be allowed to ascend.

  • There is no reason to annex a poor Spanish-speaking island of only 11 million people. We can sell billions of dollars of useless crap and let them remain independent.

  • Your comment is ridiculously juvenile. Why on earth would you accuse me of being paranoid? Why are you taking my comment attacking a public figure in Cuba so personal? Are you related to Diaz-Canel? While I nearly always disagree with Castro stooges who respond to my criticisms of the Castro dictatorship, I limit myself to calling their comments “ridiculously juvenile”. I never attack the person. By the way, I have no reason to be paranoid.

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