Cuba’s VP Threatens “Contra” Projects (Video)

Raul Castro and Miguel Diaz Canel. File photo.

HAVANA TIMES – In a recent meeting of leaders of the Communist Party of Cuba, First Vice President Miguel Díaz Canel spoke about non-government media and other projects that seek to destroy the Cuban Revolution with underhanded methods from within.

Díaz Canel, considered the successor of Raul Castro in February of 2018, changed his sometimes conciliatory tone for the hard line approach of the historical leaders who accompanied Fidel Castro from the beginning of his arrival to power.

According to Diaz Canel many non-governmental groups and accredited media are seemingly unharmful, but are in fact doing counterrevolutionary work and could perfectly be closed. He said he had no fear of being accused of censorship.

Here is the filtered video (in Spanish) from the meeting of Díaz Canel with the communist leaders.


15 thoughts on “Cuba’s VP Threatens “Contra” Projects (Video)

  • i knew that was coming. lets see what is going to be.

  • Hahaha. Thr only thing missing from the picture you painted for us is a shoe tp bang on a podium.

  • The insiders are terrified of losing control. Only an assured hard liner would be allowed to ascend.

  • There is no reason to annex a poor Spanish-speaking island of only 11 million people. We can sell billions of dollars of useless crap and let them remain independent.

  • Your comment is ridiculously juvenile. Why on earth would you accuse me of being paranoid? Why are you taking my comment attacking a public figure in Cuba so personal? Are you related to Diaz-Canel? While I nearly always disagree with Castro stooges who respond to my criticisms of the Castro dictatorship, I limit myself to calling their comments “ridiculously juvenile”. I never attack the person. By the way, I have no reason to be paranoid.

  • Well Michael, I think that you have read my own analysis of the potential power struggle between the political ‘Troika’ headed by Diaz-Canel and Raul Castro’s immediate family. For those outside Cuba it is an interesting discussion, for those within, it will determine their future. My preference would be for both the Troika and Raul Castro’s family to leave the scene and to allow open multi-party democratic elections – but that is a pipe dream! One of the five will become the next dictator. Incidentally, Alejandro Castro Espin’s sense of humour matches that of Diaz-Canel. Neither being a laugh a minute!

  • The subject of the article is Diaz-Canel. Moses merely made an observation. But I suppose that as a communist adherent, you consider that nobody should be permitted to criticize the Castro regime or the CPP, reflecting that desire to stifle dissent and if possible as in Cuba to jail the dissenters. Were you one of the marchers to the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville along with the National Socialists?

  • You don’t have to live under communist controils Beaver Gonzalez. So you applaud opression and denial of human rights for those who do, you applaud censorship and restiction of information, you applaud the imprisonment of people for instructing their own children in their own home anything that is contrary to communism being jailed for three years.
    So do everybody including yourself a favour and move to Cuba, because it is very doubtful whether you will be able to contribute to Havana Times from there!

  • There is supposedly a two hour video of the same meeting but we have not been able to get access to it for posting.

  • If this video was made in February, why did it take so long for it to come to light now? The businesses and organizations that Diaz-Canel targeted have not been closed as of yet.

  • And you ain’t Moses. Have a mental check up.

  • Applause for VP Miguel Diaz Canel. The f*ucking Yankee imperialists have not given up on annexing Cuba.

  • IF Raul indeed resigns (BIG IF), I don’t believe Diaz-Canel will assume the role.
    My money remains on Colonel Alejandro Castro Espin, of MININT. Bearing two of the most powerful names of the Revolution is nothing to sneeze at.

  • Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez was selected by Raul Castro Ruz to be his successor as President (in Cuba a polite word for dictator) because like Raul, he is a hard core Communist.
    When he takes over it is to be expected that there will be a clamp down upon anything which is counter to Communist Policy. Censorship, constrictions upon individual expression, and increased restrictions upon any form of private business are virtually certain as he establishes his authority.
    That somewhat pious hope that has been expressed in the outside world for some four years that undifined ‘change’ is taking place in Cuba will be seen as such.
    Take a long hard look at Diaz-Canel, don’t expect to see a smile, for he is too hard core for humour.
    There is no improvement in living standards in Cuba for the average Cuban and none can be expected.

    “Cubans are denied what is perhaps the least recognized but possibly the most important right for those who live in the free world. That is simply the right to openly disagree with the opinions of others and especially political viewpoints. The Castro communist regime rigidly demands conformity to their view, no other is permitted.”
    Introduction of “Cuba Lifing the Veil”

  • That dude is frickin’ paranoid!!!!

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