Yoani Sanchez meets with US legislators. Photo: from the office of Sen. Bill Nelson
Yoani Sanchez meets with US legislators. Photo: from the office of Sen. Bill Nelson

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez paid a visit to the US Senate on Monday at the invitation of Florida Sen. Bill Nelson and other lawmakers.

Following the meeting Nelson made a request to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to call for an independent investigation into the car crash deaths last July of Cuban dissidents Oswaldo Payá and Hector Cepero.

Sanchez has been an outspoken critic of the court ruling that said the driver, Angel Carromero of Spain, was speeding and lost control on a dirt section of road and hit a tree, killing the two Cuban passengers in Bayamo province.

Paya’s daughter and other dissidents believe another vehicle rammed the car in which the fatalities took place. No such evidence was presented at the trial.

Carromero was sentenced to four years in prison but after five months was allowed to travel to Madrid to serve the remainder of his jail time.

A couple months after arriving in Spain, and being placed in a semi-free regime, he changed his story on the accident.

Yoani Sanchez is on a three month international tour to present her views on the situation in Cuba, invited by a host of supporters in a dozen countries.

While on Capitol Hill, Sanchez reiterated her stance opposing the US embargo on Cuba.  She maintains that the embargo provides an easy target for the Cuban government to blame Washington for all its economic problems, noted Reuters in its report.

Sanchez’s position on the embargo distances the blogger from the most hard line Cuban-American exile stance, led by House Foreign Relations chair Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.


6 thoughts on “Cuba’s Yoani Sanchez Visits US Senate

  • Walter, you may choose to bury your head in the sand but you will find yourself on the wrong side of history. When change comes, and it will, you will regret not having done more to defend the human rights of Cubans. By the way, in further defense of the veracity of my comments, read below:

    Chairman Matt Salmon of the Congressional Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, and Ranking Member and Cuban-American Albio Sires, issued the following statement condemning the Cuban government’s continued human rights abuses against pro-democracy activists on the island:

    “In another example of the deteriorating human rights situation in Cuba, this week we learned that Castro’s secret police had brutally attacked women and children at the home of Denia Fernandez, leader of a pro-democracy group ‘Ladies in White.’ Reports from brave activists on the ground confirmed that the home in the eastern municipality of Palma Soriano had been surrounded by Cuban government thugs known as the Rapid Response Brigade, wielding stones to intimidate the women and children inside. There have been reports that some sustained severe head injuries at the hands of Castro’s agents.

    I am gravely concerned about the continued senseless acts of violence against champions of democracy perpetrated at the hands of the Cuban government. It is time for the international community to reengage and demand that peaceful groups like the Ladies in White are protected from government harassment and brutality” said Chairman Salmon.

    “I call on the Department of State to use every tool in its toolbox to step up pressure on the Cuban regime to end its human rights abuses, and its stranglehold on the freedom of expression and self-determination of the liberty-loving people of Cuba”, added Ranking Member Sires.

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