Daniel Ortega: Our Police “Are More Aware, Dignified and Supportive”

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega with their son’s father-in-law Franciso Diaz, the national police chief.   Photo: the Presidency


“We never attacked anyone,” says Police Chief Francisco Diaz

“They have fulfilled their duty with the people, their families and with the homeland under the direction of Commissioner General Francisco Diaz,” said Ortega


By Confidencial 

HAVANA TIMES – Speaking to a graduation this week of new police cadets, commander Daniel Ortega affirmed that Nicaragua now has a National Police that is, “more aware, more dignified and more supportive.”

The president poured compliments on the institution, founded in 1979 and now headed by the father-in-law of his son, Commissioner General Francisco Diaz, in the midst of the country’s socio-political crisis, in which the Police has acted as the repressive arm, with a balance of 325 confirmed deaths and more than 600 political prisoners.

National and international human rights organizations have questioned the police work and have demanded that the repression and use of paramilitary forces ceases. The latter, in conjunction with the Police, imposed terror and death during the bloody Clean-up Operation in the second of four phases of repression by the dictatorship, after the civic protests that broke out in April.

“They fulfilled their duty with the people, with their families and with the homeland under the leadership of Chief Francisco Diaz and the entire National Police Leadership,” said Ortega.

For his part, the police chief said in his speech that during this year 24 officers have died, 22 of them “in the attempt at a coup d’état,” as the Executive refers to the anti-governmental demonstrations that began in April.

He claimed that the officers were attacked on the streets and in their police units during the protests and that “we never attacked anyone,” but made the legitimate use of defense “to protect life and physical integrity.”

Diaz announced that they continue investigating and looking for “the coup-seeking criminals to answer for the crimes committed” and that “they could not and will not” overthrow the Ortega Government.

The XXI cadet promotion, which graduated 24 new officers, was dedicated to the Spanish Sandinista priest Gaspar Garcia Laviana, who was killed 40 years ago by Somoza’s guard.

One thought on “Daniel Ortega: Our Police “Are More Aware, Dignified and Supportive”

  • The whole country knows they lied , the presidents daughter is merried with the son of the head of the national police. 800 political prisoners, 50,000 fleed the county fearing four their life, 539 murdered including 29 children and infants, journalist dead, 4 US citizens murdered, and 2 Brazilians. The US turned their face the other way, democracy doesn’t leave there and kidnappings are still happening daily. The UNITED NATIONS ?? was expelled by the Ortega government, the Human Rights Organization too, death threat happened everyday to independent media, and Trump still hasn’t signed the Nica act even after all the House of Representatives and the senate signed it. Ortegas family has used the country to gain personal wealth and it’s time to go after 32 years of corruption, people have had it and there is nothing normal in Nicaragua. No mater what they say, just a week ago Daniel Ortega was trash talking the US, accusations of involvement in the problems in the country, calling them imperialists but recently shook hands with the US ambassador Keven Sulligan. He need to pay for his long list of crimes, child rape, money laundering, drug organization, corruption and murders.

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