Dayron Robles Wanted to Start Independent School for Hurdlers, says Cuban official

Dayron Robles. Photo/archive:

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban hurdler Dayron Robles had sought to found an independent sports institution on the island, said Alberto Juantorena, president of the Cuban Athletics Federation  in an interview with JIT Online.

“He had some strange ideas to create a school for hurdles athletes, parallel, independent of the Cuban Federation. We explained to him that this was not possible,” the official said.

“If he wants to compete for a Club or where appropriate for another country, according to the IAAF Rules he is free to do so. It is his decision and the country or club that accepts him, but I repeat, he cannot compete again for Cuba, ” said Juantorena on Robles leaving the Cuban team.

The federation said that there is no debt to the athlete, who “always received the specified percentages for the awards which come in through the banks”, and revealed that the 2008 Olympic gold medalist, was given a Peugeot car, a house in Guantanamo , and was scheduled to receive another in Havana.

Robles is currently affiliated with the AS Monaco club.