Does Cuba have anti-retroviral medication to treat swine flu?

Question: I’m traveling to Cuba next week. Good to see the measures that have been put in place to try to stop swine flu spreading to cuba. I’m coming from UK so will check before departure latest situation. I would like to know if Cuba has stock of anti viral medication to treat flue if it was to spread there? Anyone know?

Answer: Cuba not only has a stock of anti-retroviral treatments for diseases such as AIDS and swine fever, but produces these treatments within the country. These are very specific and controlled medications and are only applied under highly monitored situations and usually while the patient is hospitalized.

It should also be noted that, when needed, anti-retroviral treatments – like all medical treatments and health services in Cuba – are provided to the population free of charge. That access is based on need and not on financial capability is one of several reasons that Cuba has such a high success rate in controlling such diseases, as well as in limiting their spread. Another important factor is that the population is kept informed about such diseases and that public health education programs are given a very high priority.