Don’t Miss This Cuban Film

HAVANA TIMES — For those of you English language HT readers that can understand a fair amount of Spanish, “Crematorio en fin…el mal” is a don’t miss. “The father dies and there must be a wake”, is the synopsis of the 32-minute film by Juan Carlos Cremata. The movie is subtitled in Spanish which will help those that have difficulties with Cuban Spanish.

CREMATORIO EN FIN EL MAL from havanatimes on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss This Cuban Film

  • Que risa !

  • I had forgotten how truly “colorful” the Spanish language in Cuba can be. This is a wonderful and entertaining short film that any Spanish-speaking person will giggle through with its many political nuances that can be told in a hilariously irreverent way. A bit over-acted, but I guess that made it funnier as well.

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