Drop in Cuban Purchases from US

HAVANA TIMES, July 29 — Cuban food purchases from the United States decreased 35 per cent in the first five months of this year, as compared to the same period in 2009, according to a specialized report published this Thursday in the U.S. press. The report affirms that from January to May this year, U.S. sales to Cuba stood at 182 million dollars, as compared to 278 million the previous year, reported IPS.

Despite the half century US economic blockade against Cuba, the island can purchase foodstuffs from the US under unfavorable, no-credit conditions.

One thought on “Drop in Cuban Purchases from US

  • Actually, the “no credit conditions” are a boon to Cuban socialism. Credit means debt enslavement, with the monster of compound interest eating up the wealth of Cuba (or any other country).

    The real problem of course is the insane situation that fertile, sunshine-rich Cuba, which ought to be feeding herself and exporting to other countries, is instead having to import food. So much for the silly Marxian misunderstanding of and disrespect for rural producers.

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