Ecological Study of Cayo Sabinal Lagoons

HAVANA, Aug. 2 — A study on the ecological foundations for the structure and functioning of the interior lagoons of Cayo Sabinal, Cuba’s third largest key, will make it possible to propose conservation measures to mitigate the adverse effects in the more than 30 temporary and permanent wetlands of the province of Camagüey. The project is being carried out by the Centre of Environmental Research of that province, 534 kilometers from Havana, reported IPS.

One thought on “Ecological Study of Cayo Sabinal Lagoons

  • It’d be nice to know that the entire Island of Cuba will eventually be covered by scientifically-based conservation/development plans of this depth, interlocking at many levels in an organic whole. And unlike under capitalism, such planning shouldn’t regularly and systematically be subverted by commercial interests — if they were even drawn up at all.

    Looking forward to Cuba becoming the garden paradise of the Caribbean (assuming we all don’t ‘buy it’ in a looming nuclear WWIII).

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