Ecuadorian Court Confirms Sentence for Rafael Correa

Rafael Correa. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – An Ecuadorian court on Monday confirmed a corruption conviction for former president Rafael Correa. The decision puts an end to his plans to seek the vice presidency in elections in February, reported dpa news.

The court confirmed eight-year prison sentences for Correa and 15 other people. These included former vice president Jorge Glas, ex-officials and entrepreneurs, according to the daily El Telegrafo.

Correa, who lives in Belgium, announced plans in past months to be the running mate of leftist candidate Andres Arauz.

The court ruling prevents the 57-year-old, who during his 2007-2017 presidency from holding public office. Correa launched a “citizens’ revolution” to reduce poverty during his terms in office.

Correa advised other officials to receive bribes, El Telegrafo quoted the tribunal as saying. Companies reportedly paid the corruption network millions of dollars for public contracts.

Correa has denied the charges. He tweeted on Monday that the sentence was aimed at disqualifying him as a candidate and that it would only increase his popularity.

An arrest warrant issued for the ex-president in connection with the attempted kidnapping of former lawmaker Fernando Balda in Bogota in 2012 is still in force.

Current President Lenin Moreno, initially allied with his predecessor, parted ways with Correa soon after taking office in 2017.

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