Eduardo del Llano to Shoot Sci-Fi Film in Cuba

Eduardo del Llano

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban filmmaker Eduardo del Llano prepares his next film “Omega 3” , this time in the genre of science fiction, inspired by an unpublished story of his own authorship, reported Prensa Latina.

Critic Leanny Pintado noted that the plot takes place in a century in an unspecified country, and reflects on the future of humanity by appealing to resources such as exaggeration.

“Omega 3 deals with the human problem of food, a topic undoubtedly unusual in Cuban cinema story lines , but I’m interested in innovating even if the result is failed . Anyway, I did not repeat more of the same,” said Del Llano .

The director hopes the public grasps the metaphor of history, and “that the visual effects are not undervalued for being third world, because we are trying to create something visually competitive with few resources,” he said.

Del Llano has directed the film “Vinci ” and the series of short films featuring satirical character Nicanor O’Donnell , besides being the writer of the censored Cuban film “Alice in Wondertown.”