Eduardo Del Llano Wants Gov. to Recognize Errors

HAVANA TIMES — Filmmaker Eduardo del Llano called on the Cuban government to engage in “self-criticism” for the many mistakes it has made, reported AFP. His request was made in a post published on his blog on Tuesday.

“I’m talking about self-criticism, the rewriting of a history full of triumphalist topics, an open analysis with the participation of the everyone’s truths,” said del Llano, 49, who is famous for his “Cortos de Nicanor,” a series that is critical of the situation in Cuba.

Del Llano recalled several errors such as the marginalization of gay and opposition elements in the 1960s, when Cuban authorities interned many of them in work farms called “Military Units to Aid Production.”

“There’s much in our recent history that isn’t talked about but which deserves more explanation and an apology,” said the artist.