Elsa Exits Cuba and Heads for Florida

Graphic from 11 PM Cuba time (EDT) by the National Hurricane Center

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – The center of Tropical Storm Elsa left Cuban territory around 10:00 PM local time (EDT). Weather and Civil Defense authorities warned the population that strong winds and heavy rains are possible throughout the night and into Tuesday morning.

The exit point of the storm’s center was near Jaruco less than 20 miles east of Havana in Mayabeque province.

Elsa entered Cuba with 50 mph winds.  As soon as it left the island it was back up to 60 mph as it heads towards the west side of the Florida peninsula.  Its movement speed has slowed slightly to 12 mph.

No loss of life has been reported thus far in Cuba. The damage assessment for infrastructure and agriculture will be forthcoming in the coming days.

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One thought on “Elsa Exits Cuba and Heads for Florida

  • Sadly, as Havana dries out in the sunshine that will surely follow Elsa, old and dilapidated limestone buildings will likely continue to collapse. Unlike the current tragedy in Surfside, Florida, there will be no international response to assist Cuba.

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