Embezzlement in Havana Hospital

The Freyre de Andrade Hospital in Havana. photo: opciones.cu

HAVANA TIMES, April 5 — An audit conducted by the national Comptroller’s Office of the Freyre de Andrade Hospital, also known as “Emergencias,” (Emergencies) has uncovered acts of embezzlement in the millions of pesos, reported the Granma newspaper.

“Payroll logs and the signatures of the directors of the hospital were falsified as were payment documents delivered to the Treasury Office of the National Tax Administration.  Likewise, the payroll was found to be padded. All of which resulted in the embezzlement of millions of pesos,” reported Granma.

Indications of these violations led Comptroller General Gladys Bejerano to propose the National Association of Economists and Accountants to begin working on a consultancy basis to perform work previously carried out by economists, accountants and auditors of that institution.

The article didn’t report the exact amount of funds embezzled, nor did it indicate what criminal or administrative actions will be taken against the offenders.