EU Maintains Stance against Cuba Embargo

HAVANA TIMES — The European Union (EU) reiterated its disapproval of the US blockade against Cuba and said that in the coming EU-CELAC summit it will call for the elimination of the barriers to free trade, reported the Prensa Latina.

“The EU doesn’t have the least doubt — as we’ve demonstrated for a long time, as we do year after year — that we are opposed to extraterritorial measures affecting trade, of which one of those cases is Cuba,” said Thomas Dupla del Moral, the director for the Americas Department of the European Service for External Action.

In a videoconference, Dupla gave details about the summit to be held on January 26 and 27 in Santiago, Chile, where its theme will focus on investments.

One thought on “EU Maintains Stance against Cuba Embargo

  • US embargo not only goes against world’s will year after year, it is ironically against capitalism principle in the essence. It just shows the narrow mind of politics over common sense that the very point US often accused Cuba.

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