Ex-US Official Gets Life for Aiding Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 21 – A former official of the U.S. Department of State and his wife pleaded guilty to having carried out espionage for the Cuban government since the 1980s until 2007, U.S. homeland security attorney general David Kris announced in a communiqué.  Kendall Myers, 72 was sentenced to life imprisonment while his wife Gwendolyn, 71, will serve seven years in prison, reported IPS.

“For the past 30 years, this couple betrayed America’s trust by covertly providing classified national defense information to the Cuban goverment,”  said Kris.

The US has maintained an economic blockade on Cuba for nearly a half century as well as a travel ban that prohibits ordinary US citizens from visiting the island.  Both the blockade and the travel ban are considered by detractors as a  lingering Cold War holdover.

Hardliner exiles in Miami favor the status quo in their endless attempt to bring down the Cuban government.  They say that allowing US citizens to visit Cuba would help the  Castro government.

3 thoughts on “Ex-US Official Gets Life for Aiding Cuba

  • The fascist wing of the U.S. state must have its regular sacrifice of scapegoats — doesn’t matter if they are guilty of anything or not. And of course, anyone who dares defy them is a terrorist, by definition. These gangsters can only be broken, never reasoned-with — and that is the major failing of liberalism: to encourage this lie, and direct all “dissent” behind it.

  • My only hope is that Obama doesn’t lift the ban on his beloved US citizens visiting Cuba.
    All Obama has done is follow in the foot steps of his predecessors with his blockade regarding trade.

  • Ex US official gets Life imprisonment for aiding Cuba

    One wonders what big secrets these two must have given away that helped allegedly compromised the security of the US-hot on the heals of conspiracy to committ murder and conspiracy to committ espionage charges that befouled the Cuban Five.
    Let us also not forget the US governments protection of Posada-Carrilles who masterminded the downing of a Cuban airliner in 1976 killing all passengers and crew on board.
    I wonder what has changed in either Cuba or the US as a consequence of the actions of Kendall Myers and his wife. The harsh and cruel economic blockade is still in place and the measures announced by President Obama earlier this year on the lifting of travel and remittances restrictions have still not been implemented.
    I am so utterley underwhelmed – and by the way I have been to Cuba and no I didnt see any Cuban people who were complaining about the Revolution-just the normal gripes that citizens have with the state.

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