Exile Group Backs Juanes Cuba Concert

HAVANA TIMES, Aug. 25 – The Cuban Change Generation Group, an organization of the Cuban community in the United States, declared it was in favor of the Peace without Borders concert that Colombian singer Juanes will give in the island’s capital on September 20.  The concert has been severely questioned by the anti-Castro sector based in Miami.

The Cuban Change Generation Group pointed out in a press release that it will not follow “the same hackneyed path and wrong decisions made by previous generations,” reported IPS.

One thought on “Exile Group Backs Juanes Cuba Concert

  • For the most part there are Cubans like myself who are no a part of any group but also want to return home. there are many who tell me that they aldo want to return to cuba to help rebuild and make it the shining star of the Caribbean and hope that this will begin the process..i will be there

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