Expert says Cuba wants to influence US policy

HAVANA TIMES, July 21 — The release of 52 political prisoners announced by the Cuban government aims “to influence the U.S. Congress to ease the embargo and put an end to the travel to Cuba ban,” said Jaime Suchlicki, director of the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies of the University of Miami. Suchlicki affirmed in a report that Washington should not make any “concession” in response to the measures since this would strengthen the island’s government, reported IPS.

One thought on “Expert says Cuba wants to influence US policy

  • In my experience, one of the most debilitating features of most Leftists (and the people around them, influencing them always) is this perennial naive hope in the possibility of “influencing” their objective enemies, in some vague hope that irreconcilable differences can somehow be reconciled. Which I guess we can classify as mass delusion. Because such pious hopes are indeed vain: because class differences are absolutely, completely irreconcilable. Always and forever — until they are “resolved”, one way or another, to the loss of one or both or all parties — and a new state of affairs comes into being.

    So people here should give up their vain hopes that the cuban government bending over forwards or backwards will somehow appease the imperialists. They will NEVER be appeased. Ever. Only vanquished. Giving them something for nothing simply sends them the message that one is ‘weak’ — and they are winning. If one wing of imperialism appears ‘grateful’ for the moment, rest assured that the other side will simply see this as a sign to move in for the kill.

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