Fariñas Rejects Going to Spain

HAVANA TIMES, March 30 – Cuban opposition activist Guillermo Fariñas, amid a hunger strike, rejected Spain’s offer to be transferred to that country on an ambulance plane, according to statements by his spokeswoman Liset Zamora. However, the dissident asked Madrid to intercede for 24 sick political prisoners who would be willing to leave the island, reported IPS.

One thought on “Fariñas Rejects Going to Spain

  • This is a good thing..Putting others in front of self..This is Cuba!,,Hopefully should they leave for Madrid..they will respect the country and not commit any crimes..Everyone is not a dissident someare str8t out THUGS and would probably be better off in amerikkka with all of the thugs on capiatl hill.OOOOPS!! amerikkka had not asked if they could assist..??? LOL Why not?

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