Farmers Association Pleads for Increased Production

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 28 — The president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), Orlando Lugo, called on Cuba’s farmers to meet the production goals established with the government to avoid food imports such as rice, beans and corn, in statements to the National Plenary Meeting of the National Committee of that organization, reported IPS.

Despite the delivery of considerable amounts of land to farmers in the last two years, production continues to be lagging far behind demand for affordable produce.

One thought on “Farmers Association Pleads for Increased Production

  • Orlando Lugo’s “call” for increased agricultural production is ludicrous. You can’t unleash the productive potential of small farmers through the silly, state monopolist concept of “usufruct.” Farmers need legal title to their plots.

    The state monopolist form of socialism has destroyed the agricultural sector in every country that has taken away private ownership of the land. Small farmers need the pride of ownership, not usufruct loans.

    Wake up, Cuba, before it’s too late.

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