US Coast Guard ship.
US Coast Guard ship.

HAVANA TIMES – The United States Coast Guard launched an operation by air and sea to try and locate possible survivors of a new Cuban tragedy, reported

An HC-144 aircraft and a ship of the naval air station of the Coast Guard based in Miami are looking for a missing group of Cubans in Florida waters.

The coastguard was alerted of the wreck of the rustic boat with 23 boat people on board, thanks to three Cubans who were found on Big Pine Key, at the southern end of the state.

The three survivors told authorities that the group had left Cuba last Tuesday and that their boat overturned the following day, but other details of the wreck are not made available.

13 thoughts on “Fate Unknown of 20 Cubans Lost at Sea

  • I seen many people hunger in Cuba. Doctors with out basic items to treat people with that farmers in Canada have to teat a sick pig or cow. Milk is too expensive for most people in Cuba to even think of buying. The police are very nice when tourists are around. Things are better in Cuba than some other countries but I would not say people live near as good as in the U.S.

  • I think there is a difference between being trapped during 9-11 and living in a country where people want to go for greener pastures. That is a very dumb analogy.

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