Feminists Denounce Plight of Women Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

HAVANA TIMES – A group identified as the International Feminist Tribunal is currently disseminating a declaration denouncing the situation of the women political prisoners in Nicaragua and demanding their immediate release.  The group asks the international community “to show empathy and to continue forceful actions”. They request that sympathizers add their signatures and help circulate the document.

“We raise our voices in solidarity through this International Feminist Tribunal, to embrace the people of Nicaragua and in particular women and feminists who have been historic pioneers in demanding collective rights and denouncing injustice,” the document begins.

The statement notes the signers’ “grave concern and indignation” at the “enforced captivity” of the 14 women political prisoners: Esperanza Sánchez, Karla Escobar, Julia Hernández, Cristiana Chamorro, Violeta Granera, Tamara Dávila, Suyén Barahona, Dora Mª Téllez, Ana Margarita Vijil, Fernanda Flores, María Oviedo, Nidia Barbosa, Evelyn Pinto and Samantha Jirón.  It condemns the “torture and inhumane conditions to which these women have been subjected,” and offers details of the multiple abuses the women have suffered.

The document concludes by demanding that the Nicaraguan authorities:

  • Immediately release the 14 women political prisoners and all 170 of those “imprisoned for exercising their rights as citizens”.
  • Respect the rights of all people deprived of liberty under international and national law, and cease the torture and abuse while the political prisoners remain incarcerated.
  • Remand to house arrest all the political prisoners over 60 or those with chronic health problems.
  • Annul the trials and sentences against the political prisoners.

We ask the international community to show empathy and keep up their energetic actions to support and accompany the Nicaraguan people in finding a peaceful outcome to the country’s painful socio-political economic and humanitarian crisis.

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