Fiber Optic Cable Between Cuba and Jamaica Now Operative

HAVANA TIMES – The Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) began receiving international service through Cable & Wireless Jamaica starting May 13th, Diario de Cuba reported.

According to the US company Renesys, which monitors global Internet traffic, the branch of the submarine cable connecting the two islands has been activated, giving more bandwidth.

Havana began to route Internet traffic through the main branch of the cable from Venezuela in January, although the cable was completed two years ago. Meanwhile, these connections have not meant any impact for citizens’ access to the network.

Doug Madory, the top analyst for Renesys, said adding Jamaica gives Cuba a backup in case of an interruption in the branch of the ALBA-1 to Venezuela.

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  • Seems like very good news. Hopefully, things will improve for all Cubans.

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