Fidel Castro Appears in Cuban Press

Ignacio Ramonet and Fidel Castro, December 13, 2013 in Havana. Foto: Estudios Revolución

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban media published photos today of former President Fidel Castro, showing him during a recent meeting in Havana with the Franco-Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet.

Castro received Ramonet at his home on Dec. 13, reported dpa. They talked for two hours, according to reports.

The meeting took place “on the 19th anniversary of Fidel Castro’s first encounter with the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez”, Prensa Latina noted.

Ramonet, author of the interview book “One Hundred Hours with Fidel” spoke with Castro about his latest book, (“Hugo Chavez. Mi primera vida”), focused on the figure of Chavez.

A picture of the meeting shows the former president, 87, sitting in sportswear and chatting with Ramonet. Castro, whose face is not directed to the camera but towards Ramonet has not been seen in public for months.

The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution lives retired from public life after handing power to his brother Raul in 2006 after suffering a severe intestinal disease.

His public appearances have become increasingly rare. In recent times he has also stopped writing his “Reflections,” opinion pieces he wrote regularly for the Cuban press in the early years of his convalescence.

4 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Appears in Cuban Press

  • Yes , well perhaps after the U.S. ends its 50+ year war on all the people of Cuba , the government will ease up and normalize once freed of the threat of extinction which has perverted the revolution as intended by the authors of that war in Washington D.C.
    Do notice that the Cubans are not demanding to go back to what was and are loyal to the revolution .
    Regardless of what you may think of their government, the fact is that some 90-95 % of eligible voters in Cuba do vote in each election . The polls are guarded by the Cuban equivalent of Boy Scouts. Voting is by secret ballot just as in the U.S. and should they choose to do so any voter in Cuba can deface the ballot, put in a blank ballot or write anti-government thoughts .
    The fact that less than 5% do things like that should tell you something.
    How about liberating the elections in the U.S. which are controlled by the wealth of the .0001% in which we are presented with the preselected candidates of the wealthy and the twin parties of capitalism which rubber stamp those pre-selections ?

    How’s life in that glass house, GMunyan

  • Dream on Yanqi imperialist .
    Cuba is totalitarian enough now without capitalism .
    Why add another layer of dictatorship ?
    What makes you think that Cubans want a return to feral capitalism when it has created unemployment rates reaching b80% in some parts of the capitalist world including much richer countries than Cuba including Spain and Greece.
    The Cuban people aren’t as stupid as you happen to think they are and the reasons for their revolution might have faded somewhat in their memories but not enough to return to the bad old days under a feral capitalism that has turned far more vicious since 1959 .
    Earth to Moses….Earth to Moses

  • I hope he lives long enough to finally see the real liberation of the Cuban people.

  • Fidel keeps hanging in there. I hope he sticks around long enough to witness the Vietnam-ization of the Cuban economy. I hope he lives to see Cuban baseball players playing in the US and returning home to Cuba with millions of dollars to build ballparks in their old neighborhoods. He will witness how farcical his “revolutionary” baseball claims about playing for love of the game were when Cuban baseball looks just like Dominican baseball as a sort of minor league winter version of the Majors. I hope he is still alive to read how rich Europeans and Canadians will be playing golf at luxury resorts and hold yachting regalas in Varadero. Activities that Fidel derisively called bourgeoisie. I also hope that he lives long enough to witness the shock to the economy caused when the CUC, the currency he selfishly created, is eliminated. Long live Fidel!

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