Fidel Castro Meets with Frei Betto

Frei Betto and Fidel Castro in Havana on Feb. 16, 2014. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES — Continuing his recent agenda of meetings with world figures former President Fidel Castro, 87, met in Havana on Sunday with the Brazilian theologian, philosopher and author Frei Betto.

According to the official Granma daily,  they talked about “the international situation and especially on youth events taking place in various parts of the world.”

Frei Betto is the author of Fidel and Religion (1985).

4 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Meets with Frei Betto

  • What is it with you guys who support leftist agendas? Dr. King loved the US yet criticized policies he believed to be wrong. There is no conflict there. On the contrary, American-ism relies on self-criticism. The most fundamental problem in Cuba is the lack of space for civil society to criticize the regime. Even democracies can stray from their founding principals. The freedom of those who choose to criticize that democracy is the only hope that democracy may have to return on course. Heck, we elected George Bush…twice! But we came back from it.

  • Oh, you mean Martin “America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today” Luther King ?

  • Frei Betto is a proponent of “liberation theology” which seeks to subvert Christianity with Marxism. As a much wiser man wrote:

    “Let me state clearly the basic premise of this sermon: Communism and Christianity are fundamentally incompatible. A true Christian cannot be a true Communist, for the two philosophies are antithetical and all the dialectics of the logicians cannot reconcile them.”

    “Communism is based on ethical relativism and accepts no stable moral absolutes. Right and wrong are relative to the most expedient methods for dealing with class war. Communism exploits the dreadful philosophy that the end justifies the means. It enunciates movingly the theory of a classless society, but alas! its methods for achieving this noble end are all too often ignoble. Lying, violence, murder, and torture are considered to be justifiable means to achieve the millennial end. Is this an unfair indictment? Listen to the words of Lenin, the real tactician of Communist theory: “We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, lawbreaking, withholding and concealing truth.” Modem history has known many tortuous nights and horror-filled days because his followers have taken this statement seriously.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Another good essay on the topic:

    “On Christianity, Socialism and Communism” – by Rev. Marcel Guarnizo

    “The two great lies of socialists and communists, that they are the champions of the poor and that they are the real “Christians” of our time, are myths that ought to be unmasked by all believers. For no regime has ever visited more poverty, death and suffering upon humanity. Civilization has seen clearly what this revolutionary change looks like and we would all be well advised to remember as philosopher George Santayana warned—“those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    The West has had enough of revolutionaries and utopians. It is time for them and their supporters to pipe down and own up to their failures and crimes.”

  • Stoma bag, adult diapers and hearing aid notwithstanding, how is Fidel Castro qualified to talk about today’s youth? If he had a clue, he would have figured out a way to dissuade the flood of young people in his own country who left for greener pastures last year.

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